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Jaipur Blue Pottery

May 2022

Having grown up in Jaipur, I have come across blue pottery on daily basis in my school years. Our school founder Maharani Gayatri Devi revived and promoted the then-dying art of blue pottery. Under the patronage of Her Highness, Kripal Singh Shekhawat pioneered its revival in 1963. Today, the craft continues to flourish and has gained new momentum.

During this summer, I decided to train at the beautiful workshop of Shilp Guru GOPAL SAINI and his daughter GARIMA SAINI in Jaipur. I was certainly attracted to the higly illustrative and decorative iconography of the craft and wanted to explore the same for my own cause.

Special thanks to the very skilled artisans at the workshop - Jagdishji, NandlaljiChotelalji and  Sunitaji for their patience and constant help in each stage.  

Ram Gopal Blue Pottery studio and shop in Sanganer, Jaipur

Painting with Oxide Colours

While I am still in the process of documenting the steps, here are the some images of the tiles and plates I worked on- from the painting stage onwards before and after firing.

The Plates

Tiled Panel- 18” x 18”

Post 800° in the Kiln


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