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Design for Architectural Space

10 weeks

Guided by Aarti Srivastava, Muntaha Rushnaiwala
and Vishnupriya Narayanan at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad | 2019
With increasing issues of migration and loss of the “Pol Culture” in the Heritage city of Ahmedabad, this project using these textile panels sheds light on the way the urban population of Ahmedabad sees a part of their city, and twists it, making the audience question themselves and their own way of thinking.  

Here, art has a political or social function.
I wished to use textiles to convey this visual, tactile or other sensorial appeal through its materiality, form, colour and composition to its users.  

The aim was to create solutions that can have a larger impact on the activities and people involved in the selected spaces. I wanted to celebrate the now less valued aesthetic of the old city through a range of textiles that translated my expression and observations, tapping the intangibles and metaphors of life in the Pol. 



“Be it physical and spatial or spiritual and philosophical, the notion of ‘belonging’ is one that now more than ever embodies a universal search for what and where home might be.” 

-DO HO SUH (Korean Textile artist)

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